Ruby, XML schema( RELAX NG) and a Q&D parser

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    • It would be alot of work for the complete RELAX NG schema
      specification, but I don’t need all that. The alternative
      seems to be write a parser by hand, or ditching XML altogether.

Out of curosity, why are you using XML?

    • Buzzword compliance mostly. Since we are designing this
      protocol from scratch and have a very short deadline, I
      foolishly thought existing XML tools would speed development.
      ( If we could use java this would probably be true. )

XML also seems to be flexible enough to survive the
inenvidable tweaks that need to be added to a protocol
as time goes by. The problems we’ve had in the past have
been that our approaches weren’t flexible enough to deal
with unforseen requirements.

    • Booker C. Bense
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