Ruby Weekly News 4th - 10th September 2006

Ruby Weekly News 4th - 10th September 2006



   Ruby Weekly News is a summary of the week's activity on the ruby-talk
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   by Tim Sutherland.

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Articles and Announcements

     * RuPy 2007 - Python & Ruby Conference

       Jakub Piotr Nowak announced a Python & Ruby Conference, to be held at
       Adam Mickiewicz University, Poland in 2007.

       "The philosophy of RuPy is to put together Python & Ruby experts with
       young programmers and to provide a good communication channel for
       East-West exchange of prospective ideas."

     * Adobe releases the Ruby on Rails RIA SDK

       Adobe have released a Ruby on Rails RIA SDK that lets you build Rails
       applications with a Flex (Flash-based) front-end instead of
       HTML/Javascript. It's an open source project (New BSD license), and is
       being developed in the open, with contributors welcome.

     * Italian Ruby Book

       Lawrence Oluyede announced "Ruby per applicazioni web", an Italian
       Ruby book, written by di Marco Ceresa with a chapter contributed by

       "The book is going to be available in the stores before the end of
       this month so check it out my fellows Italian readers."

     * Euruko 06

       "Euruko06, the European Ruby Conference, will be in Munich, November 4
       and 5, 2006", reminded Stefan Schmiedl. He noted that the conference
       fee is only 20 euros.

     * Sun hires JRuby developers

       Sun announced its hire of the main JRuby developers, Charles Nutter
       and Thomas Enebo. Tim Bray posted the official "Sun PR party line" in
       JRuby Love, giving reasons for the hires and where they're looking to
       take JRuby.

       Charles also commented in JRuby Steps Into the Sun. "And yes, JRuby
       will remain as open source as it is today. It just might start moving
       a bit faster (as if it weren't moving fast already!"

       > You can imagine how excited I am about this opportunity, and how
       > pleased I am to know that Sun takes Ruby so seriously. Not only will
       > I get to work on the project I've poured my heart into this past
       > year, but I'll be able to do it while helping one of my favorite
       > companies turn a technological corner. Naturally I've been talking
       > with a myriad of folks at Sun over the past several weeks, so
       > believe me when I say these guys really get it. The tide has turned
       > and dynamic languages are on everyone's agenda. It's going to be
       > quite a ride.

     * The Ruby Mine - News and Articles for the Italian Community

       Chiaro Scuro was pleased to announce The Ruby Mine, a site aiming to
       be a reference point for Italian developers looking for high quality
       content in their native language.

       "We are also actively looking for developers, writers, editors and
       contributors that would like to help us further spread this elegant
       language throughout the country."

     * Thousands of words on Ruby

       Tim Bray finished a series of essays called the Ruby Ape Diaries, and
       there were some interesting responses. Ape is "Atom Protocol
       Exerciser", a tool that Tim's developing.

     * My book is out -- Ruby on Rails: Up and Running

       Curt Hibbs said that his and Bruce Tate's book Ruby on Rails: Up and
       Running is out and about. It's published by O'Reilly, and "is a
       quick-start guide expressly designed to get you going with Rails


  Crashing RubyConf

   Gavin Kistner suddenly realised he was too late to register for RubyConf
   2006 (Denver, Colorado, October 20-22, 2006), which was a pity since he
   lives only 30 minutes away.

   Assuming the answer was no, but hoping anyway, he asked how sold out it
   is: "might be OK for those of us who live nearby to drive in, attend
   sessions, and drive out?"

   David A. Black said that unfortunately "sold out" really means sold out.
   "Sold out means we're at capacity, based on the facilities and our
   judgment as to what would make for a successful and reasonably comfortable
   event." Anyone who isn't pre-registered won't be allowed in, regardless of
   whether they try to pay at the door.

   "Public areas of the hotel are, of course, hangable out in", he added,
   with several other posters suggesting Gavin go to the lobby and bar, in
   order to talk with Rubyists outside the conference proper.

   Austin Ziegler heard that some of the most interesting discussions at last
   year's RubyConf occured around the pool later in the day.

   David: "It was a remarkable sight: a spontaneous pool-side discussion that
   actually had more people at it than attended the first RubyConf in 2001!"

  Using RubyInline for Optimization

   Eric Hodel: "I wrote an article on using RubyInline for optimization where
   I take png.rb, sprinkle in a little profiling and a little C and make it
   go over 100 times faster."

   The article is 'Using RubyInline for Optimization'.

   Dominik Bathon said the article is nice, but you can get around the same
   performance improvement using pure Ruby, by avoiding many redundant array
   to string conversions in the original png.rb.

New Releases

Many new releases, including ...

  sandbox 0.2

   why the lucky stiff released a new version of the FreakyFreakySandbox.

   > The sandbox extension lets you create new Ruby environments, either
   > restricted or featureful. Need a safe little housing for dangerous code,
   > with an explode-proof shield on it? Aha, get over here. Or, need to load
   > a conflicting library into a safe, clean Ruby? See, look at all these
   > reasons.