Ruby vs. TCL/TK?

Thanks very much for the feedback, that was great insight!

Now I鈥檒l start looking for the easiest way to create a Gui for a Ruby app. :wink:

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I鈥檝e just started playing w/ Ruby and like it quite a bit so far.

    • Caution: My TCL knowledge is way out of date, I haven鈥檛 really
      looked at it closely since about 1995 or so鈥 ( But I am in the
      FAQ鈥 )

But I was wondering, I know that TCL/TK has a large following out
there. Is
anyone here a convert from TCL/TK to Ruby? If so, why? What
do you consider the
relative advantages/disadvantages of each?

    • TCL would be great if people used it for what it was designed
      for, a 鈥淭ool Command Language鈥. As an embeddable language I
      thought it was great, and while TK is showing it鈥檚 age in
      1993 it was quite a step ahead of other available X toolkits.
      I found TCL to be somewhat painful as a general purpose
      scripting language. I think you can sum up the difference
      in the two languages as follows:

    In TCL everything is a string.

    In Ruby everything is a object.

Is it a fair comparison?

    • IMHO, not really. One was designed to be imbedded from day One
      and the other is designed to be object-oriented from day One.
      They each make different compromises in design. If I were
      looking at embedding a scripting language in my application,
      I would not put Ruby at the top of my list[1], but I think
      TCL still compares favorably with things like Lua. Contrarily,
      TCL would probably be my last choice to write a pure scripting
      tool in these days. I think TCL鈥檚 popularity is basically
      down to two things:
  1. It was there 鈥渇astest with the mostest鈥. In the early '90鈥檚
    there was no scripting language with anywhere as near as
    good an Xwindows interface and toolkit. Add expect into the
    mix and you have a very powerful tool.

  2. It was not perl. There were people that detested perl from
    the very first.

Can GUI apps be created with Ruby as easily as with TCL/TK?

    • IMHO it鈥檚 easier in Ruby, getting documentation on the Ruby Tk
      interface is the hardest part. But, there are plenty of other
      Ruby GUI interfaces and some of then are even documented %-).
    • Booker C. Bense

[1]- Not at least the current ruby implementation.

Version: 2.6.2