Ruby vs. java?

--- James Edward Gray II <>

> Conversely if you find that the code is not
> (or not available at a price which you are
prepared to
> pay) then I would look very closely at ruby as the
> best fit. It is fast...

I hope you were talking about coding speed here and
not execution
speed. I work with several languages and I'm pretty
sure Ruby is the
slowest (execution). Java is definitely faster at
most things and
even Perl is significantly quicker in my

Don't get me wrong, I adore Ruby. I do believe it's
very fast to
code in, but for execution speed, well, there's a
reason we're very
excited about YARV. :slight_smile:

James Edward Gray II

I wouldn't know since I never actually sat down to
benchmark anything in ruby, but in my experience it is
fast enough to do the /extremely/ complex
configuration of the server setup for a /very/ large
Scandinavian bank without even giving pause for
reflection. Fast I guess is a relative concept, but my
users love it.


Steve Callaway



On May 11, 2005, at 5:33 AM, Steve Callaway wrote:

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