Ruby-Talk Index

yes, it got me too :wink:

I’m using mozilla and ie.

the lower frame gobbles up 2/3 of the browser window and just contain 1
return link that never returns… I think removing the lower frame would be
a lot better…

but it’s a cool search. many thanks to the creator… helped me lot :slight_smile:


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thanks for the laugh. i went back and tried again. still no
results…or so i thought! turns out the lover frame kept
being placed high up on the screen. just enough to make it
look like no results ever got returned. i kept expecting the
results to show up on the lower frame! anyway i got it now.
thank goodness! is that frame supposed to be that high?


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i have. i always get 0 results on all my searches.

I guess that means you came up with fresh ideas. :wink:

Seriously I always get more than 0 results. What was your keywords