[ruby-talk:444520] [ANN] glimmer-dsl-web 0.3.2 Released

Glimmer DSL for Web (Ruby in the Browser Web Frontend Framework) versions
0.3.0, 0.3.1, and 0.3.2 have been released.

GitHub Project : GitHub - AndyObtiva/glimmer-dsl-web: Glimmer DSL for Web (Ruby in the Browser Web Frontend Framework)

Ruby Gem : glimmer-dsl-web | RubyGems.org | your community gem host

Change Log:


Optimize performance (~248% faster) of rendering by changing DSL ordering
to avoid component checks at the top

Optimize performance of formatting html elements by adding Glimmer DSL
shortcut methods

Optimize performance of component expressions by indexing component keywords

Upgrade to glimmer 2.7.9


Optimize Todo MVC performance for filtering between all, active, and
completed (it happens instantly now)

Append Todo MVC todos at the bottom instead of prepending them at the top
(I copied the ES6 version initially which did things the opposite way from
how Todo MVC behaves normally in other versions)

Make Todo MVC "items left" text show "item left" if there is only 1 todo (I
missed this detail before)

Make Todo MVC footer links open a new tab/window (with target: '_blank'
Refactor/Simplify Todo MVC sample code

Upgrade to glimmer 2.7.8


Optimize performance (~170%-226% faster) of rendering by building GUI in
bulk, assembling html as a string from all nested elements and mounting all
HTML at once (instead of making many small DOM mount calls). The trade-off
is not being able to interact with elements until rendering of the complete
hierarchy is complete, which is acceptable because interactions do not
happen till after everything is rendered anyways. Can be disabled by
passing the bulk_render: false option to the top-level component/element of
a frontend app.

Fix issue with not being able to add content to a custom control by opening
a block that should add content inside its markup root element