[ruby-talk:444470] [ANN] glimmer-dsl-web 0.2.5 released!

glimmer-dsl-web 0.2.5 released!

Rubygem: glimmer-dsl-web | RubyGems.org | your community gem host

GitHub: GitHub - AndyObtiva/glimmer-dsl-web: Glimmer DSL for Web (Ruby in the Browser Web Frontend Framework)

Change Log (0.2.5):

- Support Element#class_name as an alternative to Element#class because
class is a reserved method in Ruby

- Handle case of data-binding an element that has no type attribute

- Provide attribute/attributes as aliases for option/options inside classes
mixing Glimmer::Web::Component given that the options behave like HTML

- Hello, Form MVP! Sample: require

- Hello, Observer (Data-Binding)! Sample: require