[ruby-talk:444437] Montreal.rb 2024/03 - Frontend Ruby with Glimmer DSL for Web - Andy Maleh

The talk video and slides have been posted for the Montreal.rb March 2024
talk "Frontend Ruby with Glimmer DSL for Web" (Ruby in the Browser Web
Frontend Framework).

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Talk Description :

Rubyists would rather leverage the productivity, readability, and
maintainability benefits of Ruby in Frontend Web Development than
JavaScript to cut down development cost and time by half compared to using
popular yet inferior JavaScript frameworks with bloated JavaScript code as
per Matz's suggestion in his RubyConf 2022 keynote speech to replace
JavaScript with Ruby. Fortunately, this is possible in 2024!

This talk is a continuation of the previous Montreal.rb talk "Intro to Ruby
in the Browser", which ended by promising a new way in the future for
developing Web Frontends that would completely revolutionize the way we
think about and do Frontend Development using Ruby instead of JavaScript.
The future is now!!! The simplest, most intuitive, most straight-forward,
and most productive Frontend Framework in existence is here! It is an
open-source Ruby gem called Glimmer DSL for Web.

Think of Glimmer DSL for Web as the Rails of Frontend Frameworks. With it,
you can finally live in Rubyland in both the Frontend and Backend on the
Web! That opens up the door to ideas like rendering Frontend Components in
the Backend as Server Components in the future, eliminating the conflict
between ERB and JS frontend rendering technologies by leveraging highly
readable, maintainable, and productive Ruby code isomorphically.