[ruby-talk:444372] [ANN] JRuby Released

The JRuby community is pleased to announce the release of JRuby

  - Homepage: https://www.jruby.org/
  - Download: Downloads — JRuby.org

JRuby 9.4.x targets Ruby 3.1 compatibility.

Thank you to our contributors this release, you help keep JRuby moving
forward! @ahorek, @jcharaoui, @kares

Ruby Compatibility

  - The experimental Fiber::Scheduler and IO::Buffer APIs are now
supported, based on the Ruby 3.3 implementation. Pass
-Xexperimental.fiber.scheduler to JRuby to enable. #7944
        For information on Fiber::Scheduler, see
class Fiber::Scheduler - Documentation for Ruby 3.2.
        For information on IO::Buffer, see
class IO::Buffer - Documentation for Ruby 3.2.

20 Github Issues resolved for

    #6346 TCPSocket hangs when RST is received on Windows
    #7944 Support for fiber scheduler API
    #7961 Socket.each loops after receiving RST pegging CPU at 100%
    #7967 Propagate read errors in IO backend
    #7968 RbConfig::CONFIG[“SOEXT”] is missing on JRuby
    #7969 add RbConfig::CONFIG[“SOEXT”]
    #7970 Hide FilenoUtil warning behind native.verbose property
    #7971 Bootstrap cleanup
    #7972 Update strscan to 3.0.7
    #7975 Fix ENOENT with TestProcessSpawn on Debian
    #7976 .delete_if blocks allow deleting same object from array twich
    #7978 Less Load{Frame,Implicit}ClosureInstr
    #7979 Process stuck with 100% cpu when using jruby
    #7980 Fix length handling in select!/reject! ensure
    #7982 Error using ActiveSupport::Testing::TestHelpers (7.1.1) on
    #7983 Build, test failures when build directory contains special
    #7984 Remove unnecessary cast of kwargs
    #7985 Make sure gems path is regex-safe
    #7990 [fix] infinite loop calling Java super from Ruby
    #7993 Preserve insertion order for ivars


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