[ruby-talk:444322] [ANN] zenweb 3.10.8 Released

zenweb version 3.10.8 has been released!

* home: <https://github.com/seattlerb/zenweb&gt;
* bugs: <https://github.com/seattlerb/zenweb/issues&gt;
* rdoc: <http://docs.seattlerb.org/zenweb&gt;

Zenweb is a set of classes/tools for organizing and formating a
website. It is website oriented rather than webpage oriented, unlike
most rendering tools. It is content oriented, rather than style
oriented, unlike most rendering tools. It uses a rubygems plugin
system to provide a very flexible, and powerful system.

Zenweb 3 was inspired by jekyll. The filesystem layout is similar to
jekyll's layout, but zenweb isn't focused on blogs. It can do any sort
of website just fine.

Zenweb uses rake to handle dependencies. As a result, scanning a
website and regenerating incrementally is not just possible, it is
blazingly fast.


### 3.10.8 / 2023-08-30

* 1 bug fix:

  * Fixed configuration of no_line_numbers for kramdown v2 changes


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