[ruby-talk:444290] [ANN] graphics 1.1.0 Released

graphics version 1.1.0 has been released!

* home: <https://github.com/zenspider/graphics&gt;
* rdoc: <http://docs.seattlerb.org/graphics&gt;

Graphics provides a simple framework to implement games and/or
simulations and is designed to follow mathematical conventions, NOT
game programming conventions. Particularly it:

* Uses degrees.
* Draws in quadrant 1 (0-90 degrees).
* Right hand rule: 0 degrees is east, 90 is north, etc.

These allow simple things like Trigonometry functions to work as
expected. It means that all that stuff you were taught in grade school
still work as intended. This makes one less thing you have to adjust
when implementing your simulation.


### 1.1.0 / 2023-07-26

* 3 minor enhancements:

  * Added anti-aliasing to polygon. Want to add filling at some point.
  * Requiring ruby 2.7+. Too many changes to ruby internals to try to maintain.
  * polygon now takes an array of points.

* 4 bug fixes:

  * Fixed a bunch of compiler warnings for ruby struct changes.
  * Fixed font lookup on linux. (presidentbeef)
  * Fixed graphics_setup.sh for obsolete build flag on sdl2_image. (NickSchimek)
  * ruby 3.2: Fixed warning from ruby headers by explicitly removing alloc funcs.


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