[ruby-talk:442977] [ANN] tobox 0.1.0 released

The first version of tobox (v0.1.0) has been released.

tobox implements the consumer side of the transactional outbox pattern,
providing a simple way to configure your event handlers.

* HoneyryderChuck / tobox · GitLab
* Transactional outbox

tobox executes your handlers in a worker pool. The worker pool can be
thread-based (default) or fiber-based.

It uses the “SKIP LOCKED” SQL dialect to support concurrent polling for
events from the database outbox table.

It ships with plugins for sentry, datadog and zeitwerk. The plugin system
is itself very simple, so you can add your own custom logic around event

It can be used as a background job processor, although it’s best used in
tandem with an existing framework.