Ruby simple browser base source level debugger


I recently start to develop a ruby source level debugger (ruined) with
small foot print and easy to install and use. I believe it's useful for
whom teachs ruby to learners because the debugger shows the trace of
running script automatically.

-Here is the demo flush movie

gem install ruined

Ruby-1.9.x (no 1.8 support)
Modern browser (Safari, IE8, Chrome etc)
The program itself is written in pure ruby and JavaScript(jQuery).

-How to run
ruby -ruined your-script-file.rb
(you don't need to modify your script, only put '-ruined' after 'ruby')

Then web browser is automatically start on Windows, OSX and some Unix
If nothing is happened, please visit http://localhost:8384/ manually.

-restart ... abort current session and restart target
-quit ... abort current sesson and debugger itself
-step ... run step at a time
-run ... continuously run script automatically
slider ... automatically running speed change
breakpoint ... click source line (toggle on/off)
edit variable ... double click vars value. out of focus causes the
the lower pane is $stdout display.

-Current features and limitations
At this release (0.0.4), no multithread support, no source file edit
support, but you can watch the local, instance, global variable and
change them, put breakpoints, 'run' automatically, 'step' at a line etc.

-Source files

enjoy !


arton <>

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