Ruby ID3 script


    I am curious whether anybody has a script to write or beautify MP3 ID3 tags. There are a great many solutions out there I know, but they are all a bloated mess. I am searching something Ruby -- professional and utterly minimalistic -- to process large quantities of MP3 files. I'm still in the midst of learning Ruby, I am not yet able to do this thing myself. I was hoping for a few pointers here perhaps, or even an examplary script. Alright, so let's say you have several terabytes of MP3 files and run one of the most popular internet radio stations out there. You have had it with your tags displaying all messy to your listeners, for instance with all lowercase or uppercase, excess whitespace, weird characters, offensive comments etc. You want a neat little script that displays interactively and shows you the common tags for each album, as well as the differing tags for each individual file. Each album is organized into its own directory, with an NFO, MD5 and M3u file
just to clarify. Anyway, because it's interactive, you'd have the benefit of seeing everything visually. So you can easily point out mistakes. You have the option of writing new tags or modifying existing ones. The script will also make suggestions according to a set of rules, e.g. to make everything propercase, reduce multiple whitespace, convert ID3v1 to ID3v2, then safely remove the ID3v1 etc. All this sounds like a wet dream to me. I'd be surprised if I'm the only one out there that feels the need for something like this.
    João Michigan



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