Ruby for Windows Problems - BUG?

the following routine…

def readindex(path)
puts path
index = []
if File.exists?(path) then
happy =
while true
break if happy.eof
raw =
bytes = []
raw.each_byte {|c| bytes.push©}
n = 0
bytes.each {|i| n = n*256+i }
shift=24-((n>>24) & 0x7f)
n=(n & 0x00ffffff) | 0x00800000
index.push((n >>shift)-1)

  return index

puts "NDX File not found."

works correctly in Linux version… 1.6.4 and in cgi-win version 1.6.5

but NOT in ruby 1.6.7 (2002-03-01) [i586-mswin32]

in 1.6.7 for mswin32 it doesn’t return all the data, instead ending with a
-1 somewhere in the middle. I think I am going to have to dump developing
apps for both the windows and linux versions, as there are too many
inexplicable differences. Ideas?



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