Ruby Development Environment (Continued)

OK, it’s been a while.

Just to recap, I want to provide a “perfect” (it can never be perfect, but
we can tweak to your liking!) remote, Ruby Development Environment for
people or groups to develop, promote and distribute their work from.

I’ve done my research into the server aspects of running ruby, I’ve done
some math, etc etc, from a business standpoint, I want to give this idea a
go, this is where you go come in. I need info.

What do you want this environment to have? I need versions, links to
source/websites and descriptions.

Keep in mind, this is a FreeBSD 4.4 (soon to be 4.6) server.

I need to know not only about Ruby itself, but extensions, and stuff you’d
like to use in conjunction, say MySQL. Once Ive got alot of stuff, I’ll do
my research on it and compile a Product Specification for you guys to read
over, if you like it, I’ll go ahead, if not we can work on it. Remember,
it’s a product FOR the community, if you don’t like it, it’s pointless.

  • Davey