Ruby-dev summary 17667-17695

Hi all,

This is a summary of ruby-dev ML in these days.

---- ruby-dev #17667-17695 (2002-07-04 … 2002-07-11) ----

[ruby-dev:17676] generation GC

Minero Aoki tried to merge gererational GC patch by Kiyama Masato
into CVS HEAD.

But Matz said that he could not find the case that ruby interpreter
with generational GC is faster than one without it, because of
improvement of memory allocation strategy in 1.7. This is the reason
why he have not merged generational GC.

Theoretically, generational GC should be faster when many objects
keep living long time. So Matz expects Aoki-san or others to solve
the mystery.

[ruby-dev:17686] irb 0.9 release on ruby1.7 [update irb to cvs repository]

Keiju Ishitsuka announced that he released irb 0.9 in ruby-1.7 branch.
It has a lot of enhancement(new command option, commands and variable)
and some bug fixes.

It will appear in 1.6 branch, if no trouble arises in 1.7.

TAKAHASHI Masayoshi (