Ruby Conferences & Camps in 2020 - What's Upcoming? Anything Missing? Updates Welcome


   I've updated the Ruby Conferences & Camps in 2020 - What's
Upcoming? page [1]. Try the rubyconf command line tool (packaged up in
the whatson gem [2]) e.g.

   $ rubyconf

printing as of Jan/2:

   Upcoming Ruby Conferences:

  in 29d Birmingham on Rails, Fri Jan/31 (1d) @ Birmingham, Alabama,
United States
  in 35d Rubyfuza, Thu-Sat Feb/6-8 (3d) @ Cape Town, South Africa
  in 47d ParisRB Conf, Tue+Wed Feb/18+19 (2d) @ Paris, France
  in 49d RubyConf Australia, Thu+Fri Feb/20+21 (2d) @ Melbourne,
Victoria, Australia
  in 78d Wrocław <3 Ruby (wroclove.rb), Fri-Sun Mar/20-22 (3d) @
Wrocław, Poland
  in 91d RubyDay Italy, Thu Apr/2 (1d) @ Verona, Veneto, Italy
  in 98d RubyKaigi, Thu-Sat Apr/9-11 (3d) @ Nagano, Japan
  in 114d RubyConf India, Sat+Sun Apr/25+26 (2d) @ Goa, India
  in 124d RailsConf (United States), Tue-Thu May/5-7 (3d) @ Portland,
Oregon, United States
  in 134d Balkan Ruby, Fri+Sat May/15+16 (2d) @ Sofia, Bulgaria
  in 156d Ruby Unconf Hamburg, Sat+Sun Jun/6+7 (2d) @ Hamburg, Germany
  in 183d Brighton RubyConf, Fri Jul/3 (1d) @ Brighton, Sussex,
England, United Kingdom
  in 203d RubyConf Kenya, Thu-Sat Jul/23-25 (3d) @ Nairobi, Kenya
  in 232d European Ruby Konference (EuRuKo), Fri+Sat Aug/21+22 (2d) @
Helsinki, Finnland
  in 288d RubyConf Thailand (TH), Fri+Sat Oct/16+17 (2d) @ Bangkok, Thailand
  in 320d RubyConf (United States), Tue-Thu Nov/17-19 (3d) @ Houston,
Texas, United States

  Anything missing? Updates welcome, see data/conferences2020.yml [3] file
in the planetruby/calendar repo.

  Cheers. Prosit 2020! Happy new year!