Ruby Based App Server

There’s a good article on Ruby in the latest DDJ!

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I posted a similar question a few days ago, but didn’t get
any responses, so I’ll try again.

I’d like to know what the Ruby community thinks of app
servers, especially whether a Ruby based app server might be
a good idea? Or perhaps someone is already working on this?

I’ve worked on web applications built on the J2EE platform as
well as web applications done in Perl and PHP. Although I
think Ruby is a better choice in many respects than Perl and
PHP for web applications, it doesn’t have the database
abstraction capabilities that you get with EJBs in a Java app
server. Of course there are less heavy-duty ways to abstract
access to a database than creating an app server, but
providing a framework for component based database access
might be the killer app that would make Ruby the
language/platform of choice for web applications.

What does the Ruby community think?