Ruby aesthetics

And every time i look at Ruby, it just gets cooler and cooler. :} A
couple of years ago, i thought “forever” was an original idea. I didn’t
know matz was way ahead of me!

Another month or so, and i can start using Ruby for serious work rather
than toy programs. I’m looking forward to it.

Christian Szegedy
09/10/02 11:34 AM
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To: (ruby-talk ML)
Subject: Re: Ruby aesthetics wrote:

On a vaguely related note, i was working on a language for a while with
a friend of mine. My favorite contribution to the language was a
keyword i haven’t seen elsewhere… “forever”, to imply an infinite
loop. So to create an infinite loop, you would write

forever { … }

rather than

while(true) { … }

Just a remark: Ruby has “loop { }” which is the same as
your “forever”.

Regards, Christian