Resend : Redcloth nested list bug

(Dick Davies) #1

#!/usr/bin/env ruby

require 'redcloth'

rc = <<-END

Hi folks _(sorry about the resend - gmail is a bit screwy with this
list for some reason)_

Redcloth handles nested lists OK

# number 1
# number 2
** number 2 has a sublist
** this is fine, since the ordered list carries on
# number last

but not when the nested list is the last item in the parent list:

# number 1
# number 2
# number last
** number last has a sublist
** this generates unclosed tags

(I've mixed OL and UL here, otherwise you wouldn't see it).
This showed up in typo, but it seems to be in my system redcloth on Debian



rc-oops.rb (543 Bytes)