Released WatirSplash 1.2.0


I've just released the WatirSplash 1.2.0 gem.

WatirSplash makes browser-based web page testing in Ruby splashin'
It combines Watir ( for controlling the browser
RSpec ( for testing framework. This
powerful combination gives you
the ability to write easily well-maintained and easy-to-read specs
(specifications in RSpec) so
you don't need to have any extra documentation for your applications.

WatirSplash makes it easier to use best features of both of these
tools together so
you won't have to spend time on thinking how to do that yourself - you
can start
testing right away!

The most interesting new feature is the #in RSpec matcher, which
allows to write your tests in even better way. Check out the wiki link

* fixed Watir::Browser#attach for Watir::IE
* added #in(timeout) method for all RSpec matchers (read more about
it on the wiki
* added #make as an alias for #change as a RSpec matcher
* bump watir/firewatir dependency to 1.8.1
* bump watir-webdriver dependency to 0.2.2
* bump win32screenshot dependency to 1.0.3

Install it with:
gem install watirsplash

Source code is located at GitHub

Jarmo Pertman


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