Rdocifying the libraries in ruby/lib

    • After running rdoc against the src in ruby/lib I noticed
      that most(all?) of these files have comments stripped out.

Was that done intentionally?

Are commented versions of these files available anywhere?

    • If not I think it would be a useful project to begin
      documenting the “standard” ruby libs enough that rdoc
      would produce useful documentation.
    • Would these patches be accepted back into the ruby
      src tree? If so, I’ll attempt to organize something
      to get the ball rolling on this project.
    • Booker C. Bense

After thinking about it a bit, I guess my proposal (at
www.rubygarden.org) for getting a pack() template length was too

However, there was only feedback from one person, so I thought I’d ask

How do people feel about a separate class for pack templates (being
added to the core librar, I mean)? Or is there a simple way to get this
information after all that I’ve missed?