Rdoc problems on windows

I'm having problems doing anything with rdoc on windows. I discovered
this while tying to build the documentation for rails.
It seems rdoc hates having both -T and -t for the same command.

mkdir xxx
cd xxx
echo "1" > 1.rb
echo "2" > 2.rb
rdoc -o doc1 --line-numbers --inline-source -t 'foo' -T 'html' 1.rb
2.rb # only 1.rb gets parsed
rdoc -o doc2 --line-numbers --inline-source -t 'foo' 1.rb 2.rb #
again, only 1.rb
rdoc -o doc3 --line-numbers --inline-source -T 'html' 1.rb 2.rb # ok

Aditionally, the rails rake rdoc tasks fail with another strange
message when -t or --title is given.

The following is copy/pasted from http://rafb.net/paste/results/I25fwy65.html


--- start paste

W:\www\apache\rails\rails>rake appdoc
(in W:/www/apache/rails/rails)
rm -r doc/app
rdoc -o doc/app --line-numbers --inline-source --title 'Rails
Application Documentation' -T 'html' doc/README_FOR_APP
app/controllers/application.rb a
rake aborted!
undefined method `exitstatus' for nil:NilClass

W:\www\apache\rails\rails>rdoc -o doc/app --line-numbers
--inline-source --title 'Rails Application Documentation' -T 'html'
doc/README_FOR_APP app/co
ntrollers/application.rb app/helpers/application_helper.rb

option requires an argument -- T

For help on options, try 'rdoc --help'

W:\www\apache\rails\rails>rdoc -o doc/app --line-numbers
--inline-source --title 'Rails Application Documentation'
doc/README_FOR_APP app/controllers/
application.rb app/helpers/application_helper.rb

Generating HTML...

Files: 1
Classes: 0
Modules: 0
Methods: 0
Elapsed: 0.200s

W:\www\apache\rails\rails>rdoc -o doc/app --line-numbers
--inline-source -T 'html' doc/README_FOR_APP
app/controllers/application.rb app/helpers/appli

                     application.rb: c
              application_helper.rb: m
Generating HTML...

Files: 3
Classes: 1
Modules: 1
Methods: 0
Elapsed: 0.271s


--- end paste

... ___ ...

I tried this with fresh installs of ruby181-13.exe and ruby182-14RC11.exe


frustratedly yours,
Cristi BALAN