Rdoc doesn't recognize block comments anymore

Hello to everyone.

I just found out a strange issue with rdoc and I'm not sure whether there's
something wrong in my system (gentoo linux) or with rdoc itself. The problem
is that rdoc doesn't consider documentation in block comments (=begin/=end
comments) anymore. For example, take a file with the following contents:

=begin rdoc
Doc for X
module X
=begin rdoc
   Doc for Y
  class Y
=begin rdoc
Doc for Z
    def z

If I run it through rdoc (using the rdoc gem version 2.5.11 and ruby 1.9.2),
it tells me that I have 1 undocumented module, 1 undocumented class and 1
undocumented method. Accordingly, the generated html files don't contain any
description for X, Y and z. If I replace the block comments with ordinary
comments, then everything works correctly.

I am sure that block comments used to work with rdoc at least until about
January this year. After that, I started using YARD as documentation system
and didn't try rdoc anymore until yesterday.

Can anybody reproduce this behaviour? Is this a known issue (I couldn't find
anything neither using google nor on the RDoc project page), or a deliberate
change in rdoc (I couldn't find mention of it in the rdoc History.txt file,
however)? Should I report it as a bug?

Thanks in advance




On Oct 20, 2010, at 00:37 , Stefano Crocco wrote:

Should I report it as a bug?