[RCR] Numeric#of

From: Jeff Mitchell [mailto:quixoticsycophant@yahoo.com]
Sent: Tuesday, May 25, 2004 9:27 PM

The “root cause” of this RCR (and others), I think, is the desire to
create an Enumerable out of an Integer. Integers themselves are not
Enumerable (nor should they be), but it is often desirable to think of
them as such.

100% agreement.

It doesn’t make sense having the proposed #of be part of Numeric. So no
matter the solution, it should be added to Integer.

It is clear there is a desire to convert from Integers to Enumerables
freely. I think it is time to bring this into canon – and I would
like to call it Integer#enum.

This is a best solution I have read so far. It avoids the confusion of 'of’
and not only provide a facility to achieve the ‘of’ functionality, but also
allow an Integer to take on all the characteristics of an Enumerable.

This also appears syntactically ‘clean’.

The only possible change I would make would be in the name. Integer#to_enum
This seems to follow and the other “to_xxx” named methods.


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