Rad, Web Framework inspired by Rails, Spring IoC and JBoss Seam

Hi, I would like to represent You the Rad, Ruby Web Framework.

The main difference from existing frameworks is that it has true OO
support (all the stack - models, controllers, views, routes), allows to
build an app as a set of cooperating components instead of monolith, and
it's easy to customize.

It's also simple and has small code base, actually the Rad is just an
integration layer, delegating actual works to other well known gems
(rack, tilt, ...).

Rad public API looks like Rails but underlying architecture is complete
different. Internally it's more like Spring IoC, with such things as
IoC, auto-discovery and auto-configurations, injection, managed scopes
and components.

## Here's some sites powered with it:

Simple e-shop http://robotigra.ru
My personal organizer http://petrush.in
Blog about Ruby http://ruby-lang.info

And, it's own site http://rad.4ire.net is also powered with Rad.

## Samples

5 min Quick Start Guide http://rad.4ire.net/docs/quick-start-guide-jxe

Classical blog sample http://rad-sample.heroku.com (it's hosted using
free Heroku instance and sometimes it takes about 10sec to start up,
please be patient) sources https://github.com/alexeypetrushin/rad_sample


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