Python the new Lisp, what about Ruby then?

Ruby is the new Perl. :}

Actually, i had an interesting thought about that this morning… i filled
out the Ruby programmer’s survey (from the link in the FAQ), and it asked
what i like about Ruby. What do i like about it? It’s postmodern. See
Larry Wall’s speech on Perl as the first postmodern programming language, Ruby is the second postmodern
language, cheerfully looting the best ideas from countless successful
predecessors, and putting the decisions about the “right” way to do things
back in the hands of programmers, where it belongs imho. Python, like
Lisp, is minimalist and reductionist. It has One True Way to do things.
Ruby, like Perl, has many ways to do things.

At the very least, remembering and re-reading this speech helped me figure
out why i chose Ruby over Python and Perl for a new project.

No, Perl6 is the new Perl. Only, it’s not here quite yet.

md |- matt diephouse

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Ruby is the new Perl. :}