-proto- functions in Ruby

Sorry - I meant to provide at least one example of what I meant! I’m
talking about “getprotobyname”, “getprotobynumber”, “getprotoent”,
“setprotoent” and “endprotoent”. I found the source for these at
http://www.ajk.tele.fi/libc/code.html, though I’m not sure how old this is.
There also seems to be a minor bit of BSD specific code (the external int).




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Are there plans to add any of the proto functions to Ruby in
the near future?
If so, will they be added as class methods to “Socket” or
will it be a
subclass of “Etc” (e.g. Etc::Proto)?

Sorry for ignorance, but what is the “proto functions”?
Where can I get information about these functions?