Profile-independent directory specification for NT?

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My bad. I did #ENV{ instead of #{ENV. It behaves correctly now. I
appreciate the explanation.


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On Thu, 26 Feb 2004 01:38:25 +0900, Moran, Craig M (BAH) wrote:

Thanks! This works perfectly. However, Austin’s solution does not. I’d
imagine it was a misplaced quote. Is either style preferable over the
other? Craig

I just tried my version in Windows XP with irb and it produced the exact

With the version provided by Jim Bob, you get a string, create a string, and

then add them to a new string. With mine, you’re only creating one string

irb(main):030:0> profile_path = “#{ENV[‘USERPROFILE’]}\My Documents\”
=> “C:\Documents and Settings\Austin\My Documents\”


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