Problem with inheritance 1.8.7: uninitialized constant

Hi guys,

I have some problems with Ruby and inheritance. I get always this error:

/Users/PhilippAltmann/git/objcdoc/objcdoc/Import.rb:3: uninitialized
constant Parser (NameError)
  from /Users/PhilippAltmann/git/objcdoc/objcdoc/Parser.rb:1:in
  from /Users/PhilippAltmann/git/objcdoc/objcdoc/Parser.rb:1
  from /Users/PhilippAltmann/git/objcdoc/objcdoc/Main.rb:1:in `require'
  from /Users/PhilippAltmann/git/objcdoc/objcdoc/Main.rb:1

Main.rb :
Parser.rb :
Import.rb :

All files are in the same folder...

// Philipp


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Main.rb requires Parser.rb, which requires Import.rb before defining
the Parser class. You need to pay attention to the order :slight_smile:

-- Matma Rex