#8 Queens Drive Ikoyi

INTRODUCTION: l am Mrs. Eki Omorodion l know this proposal will come to
you as a surprise because we have not met before either hysically or
through correspondence.
I have no doubt in your ability to handle this proposal involving huge
sum of money.

was the Royal Head of my Community, JESSE (an oil rich town)in
My late husband’S community produces 3.5% of the total crude oil
production in Nigeria and 0.5% of the Dollar value of each barrel is
paid to my husband as royalty by the Federal Government.

My husband was also the Chairman of OMPADEC,Jesse branch.
In his position as the Royal head and Chairman of the OMPADEC, Jesse
branch,he made some money which he left for me and our children as
the only thing to inherit.
The money is Twelve Million US Dollars($12M).

Though this said fund accumulated between the period 1976-1998.
Due to poor banking system in Nigeria and political instability as a
result of past Military rules (1985-1999), he deposited this
Money in a Strong Room/safe with an open beneficiary in Apex Bank of
Nigeria pending when he would finish arrangement to transfer it broad
He was planning this when he died late last year of Heart Attack.

THE PROPOSAL: Just before my husband died he called my attention to the
money and charged me to look for a foreigner who would assist me in the
transfer / investment of the funds abroad.
So l would be very grateful if you could accept to help me archieve
this great objective.

I promise to give you 20% of the total funds transferred to your vital
bank account as compensation for your assistance.
Five percent (5%)would be set aside to take care of all expenses we
may incure during the transaction.
To indicate your interest, contact me urgently and confidentially for
more information and the roles you will play in this business.
All the legal information concerning this Money will be sent to you
as soon as we agree together.

Send your reply through this mail box, or see the note below

Yours faithfully,
MRS. Eki Omorodion.

I will like you to provide me immediately with your full names,
telephone and fax numbers to enable my eldest son Humphrey Omorodion to
contact you.
He shall handle this transaction from A-Z on behalf of the family.
Alternatively you can call him on his telephone numbers
234-1-7767689, fax 234-1-7598907, fax 873-762-533-731
Ask him for the code and he shall respond GOODLUCK before discussion.
Just to be sure that you are speaking to him.