Open file from network share


I'm trying to open a file that is on a mapped network drive. I assigned
the letter M for the drive and everything works correctly. I have the
right access and everything.

This is the code I have: f ="M:/38/56/890001000385646.xml")

The rest of my code works when I copy that file to a local folder named
"files", point to it (f ="/files/890001000385646.xml"), and
run the program (I'm using Nokogiri to read the attributes from the

So, I might be missing the syntax of accessing a file across the

Here's the error I receive:


noko-ono.rb:3:in `initialize': No such file or directory -
646.xml (Errno::ENOENT)
        from noko-ono.rb:3:in `open'
        from noko-ono.rb:3

Anyone know how to write this in the correct syntax?

Thanks in advance,


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