Noob ?: application design

I am trying to write my first ruby on rails app and I am having a little trouble with the design. I can see 2 ways to do it , but I'm sure that I'm not entirely understanding the whole controller/action/layout/view thing and want to get opinions on the best approach.

my database has 4 tables: 1) entries, which has many: 2) addresses, 3) contacts, 4) people

The first part of my application is to present a user with the options necessary to manage their own entries. The menu looks like:

My Entry
    contacts (note: these are email addresses and phone numbers)

I created a controller called "listing" and was going to use its layout to present all the different data. My choices seem to be:

    a) pull the data into the listing's view by making a "view/listing/contact.html" and having "contact" as an action in the "listing" controller

    b) have the listing controller refer back to the other controllers so clicking on contacts would refer to "contacts/list.html"

Choice (b) seems to be the better way to go, but I don't want to put the listing layout as the default for the contacts controller because it will be presented different ways eventually.

Thanks for any guidance.

You want the ruby on rails mailing list. This list is for general ruby topics.


On Sep 12, 2006, at 7:55 PM, Wendy Putler wrote:

I am trying to write my first ruby on rails app

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