Newbie:Differences between arrays

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You want:

~ added_users = NEW - OLD


For set operations you'll probably want to use the "set" package. Part
of the stdlib.

See ruby-talk:65361 for potential gotchas wrt Array diff vs Set diff.



ched patch changes most of the strings in manager.c as well as

> > > changing the way the dialog prompts look.
> > >
> > > you can see the before/after here:
> > >
> > >
> > >
> > > Jeff
> > >
> > Ooh, looks much prettier. :slight_smile: I tend towards approving but want to
> > hear how it would affect documentation and translation first...adding
> > Shaun to the cc list.
> >
> Just fixing the gnome-i18n address and adding gnome-doc-list so we get a
> faster answer :wink:

This is a UI and string change, which means you need two release
team approvals and an i18n team approval, IIRC. And I can't give
you any of them. But I'll weigh in, since the release team will
probably take that into consideration in their decisions.

This is a very obvious and very noticeable change. It is not the
sort of change that I would normally want to see happen this late
in the release cycle. For the record, I think the new dialogs are
a hell of a lot better, but it's just so late.

That said, our documentation is so horribly out of date that this
change wouldn't affect me in the slightest right now. So from a
purely practical perspective, this poses no real problems for the
documentation team (but only because we have bigger problems).

But I really doubt the i18n team wants to approve this sort of
change this late in the release cycle.


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