New Qk/Quik Starter Template / Scaffold - Gem-Packaged Jekyll Theme - $ quik new jekyll-theme


  Starting w/ Jekyll v3.3 you can package your themes (layouts,
includes, assets) into gems. To show how easy it is to add a new
scaffold to quik/qk [1] - the missing code generator / scaffolder for
ruby. I've put together a new scaffold for gem-packaged jekyll themes
that mirrors/copies the $ jekyll new-theme command. Try:

   $ quik new jekyll-theme

to get started. This will use the jekyll-theme.rb [2] quik starter script and
the quickstart/jekyll-starter-theme template [3] - just a plain git repo.

If anyone tries out qk/quik, let us know what you think.

PS: You're invited to add your own scaffolds (gem starters, sinatra
starters, jekyll starters, etc.)

PPS: Use $ gem install quik if you haven't yet installed qk/quik :wink: