Net::Telnet and sysread()

I'm trying establish a telnet connection to I can
get a connection but Net::Telnet cannot seem to handle the output. In
reading net/telnet.rb I found out about IO#sysread so i put this
little tnet.rb file together

require 'net/telnet'

tn =
  'Host' => '',
  'Timeout' => 10,
  'Telnetmode' => true) { |str| print str }

input = tn.sysread(1024 * 1024)
print("\nDisplaying Output\n ")

Now when I connect here is the output that is displayed:
E:\Ruby\mkNethackbot>ruby tnet.rb

Connected to

Displaying Output
         ²↑ ² ²# ²'

As you can see from the "Displaying Output" section the data that is sending doesn't seem readable by Net::Telnet. appears to use a scripted login instead of a standard
login/password prompt.

Any ideas?



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