Mod_ruby not executing scripts

>>Does anyone have any idea why my .rbx files won't execute?

I suspect it was a permissions magically started
working after playing around with them. It should have worked the
way I had the permissions set before, but who knows, I don't know
everything about probably has some subtle requirement I
never noticed before.

I've been letting the mod_ruby questions pile up, my appologies.

.rbx files must have several things going for them:

*) The must be executable: chmod a+x *.rbx

*) .rbx files must be executable according to the httpd.conf options

   <Files '*.rbx$'>
     Options +ExecCGI
     # Other Ruby directives
   </Files> in the

Eventually there I'm sure there will be something akin to
Apache::RegistryBB for the speed freaks which won't stat and perform
these checks. -sc


Sean Chittenden