Mechanize - problem with downloading csv file


I am trying to download the past call details from ATnT site
in csv format.

It requires to select the bill period and click on a radio button.
Then clicking on "Submit" link downloads the call summary for
that period.

I tried to do it in mechanize in the following way, but it download
the src of the page in stead of downloading the actual CSV file.

# get the download page

page_download = agent.get "

# get the form for bill_period and select a bill period

bill_period_form = page_download.forms[2]

# click on the csv radio button

download_format_form = page_download.forms[3]

# click on the submit link that downloads the csv file.

download_file ="a")[41]

The problem I am facing in the above code is:

+ Doesn't do anything special after selecting a particular bill period
the select options.
+ Download the page source in stead of downloading the actual csv file.

Can you suggest something? Am I missing something here?



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