Mapping Db Fields to Class Attributes

Hi All, thanks who helped me yesterday …

I am currently designing my “object model” for a project management system
for software projects. One problem I have always encountered irrespective of
wehter the language is Perl, Python or Ruby is the mapping of database
fields to class attributes. For example if I do a mysql db call and load a
hash for a specific tuple, in most cases the db table names will not be in
user firendly naming format eg prj_acc_id or prj_name, it would be silly to
use these names as accesor’s in a class.

Has anyone come up with an easy yet effective way of doing this ? I was
thinking of having a corresponding hash that mapped the field name to the
attribute name

I looked at ruby’s alias option but am not sure if this is the appropriate
item to use as an alternative to hash mapping ?

Any advice would be most welcome

Graeme Matthew
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