Library questions

I’m trying to get a couple of libraries set up to use
with ruby, and running into trouble.

First is rubysdl. I downloaded the precomplied win32
binary from
, but all the programs I’ve tried give “unknown
method” for all the files in it. The source files I
was able to download, but running extconf.rb gives the

extconf.rb:5:in ``’: No such file or directory

  • “sdl-config --cflags” (Errno::ENOENT)

Also trying to set up ruby-zlib. extconf.rb gives

checking for deflateReset() in -lz… no

And then stops.

Now, I’ll probably want to do my compilation under
cygwin with mingw, since I already have that
installed. Do I need to run extconf.rb in cygwin for
that? (I was hoping not, since I don’t use ruby in
cygwin, and don’t want to have another ruby install
just for that.) Or is it something else? Is there any
other way I’d be better off going about this?

-Morgan. @.@


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