Dear Shannon,

I too am interested in JRuby, because I suspect that you could get a
little better results with Swing GUI’s ( better control over “focus” and
certain defaults - maybe (?) ). Plus, it would be very nice to be
able to take advantage of some of the prebuilt libraries… maybe even
database interfaces. I haven’t seen much documentation on this…I
don’t even recall seeing a “tutorial” to explain how you would run a
program you wrote [ ie: java -x -y … hello.rb ] … of course
it has been a while… If you succeed with JRuby, please send me
whatever you are willing to share.


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I am learning to use JRuby. Currently just started reading the documents.
From a glimpse, I got an impression that JRuby enables you to use java
classes in your ruby program. However, I am more interested in how to use
ruby script in java applications, because it is easier to adopt ruby in
environment (for commercial purpose) rather than vice versa.

Although the document mentioned that JRuby enables you to embed a ruby
interpreter into your java application, I have not seen any document or
samples on this. Could any one give me a hint? Preferrably several line of
code to get a look and fee.

Thanks a lot!



Subject: JRuby

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I would love to see the Ruby equivalent of Jython, too. For me, Jython
is only reason I use Python.