Handle ArgumentError to resume loop at next iteration


still a noob, and still hacking a script to traverse photo directories
to populate a mysql db with various photo metadata. nearly there, but
having trouble handling an error from DateTime that dies on a file that
doesn't have 3 elements of a civil date.
can anyone recommend a way of handling this error so that the loop skips
to the next iteration?
code below.
many thanks in advance


find.find(directory) do |path|

  next if File.directory?(path)
  next unless path =~ /.jpg$/ or /.JPG$/

   puts "trying picture: #{path} "
# get metadata
    pathName = path
    baseName = File.basename(path)
    fileSize = File.size(path)
    cameraModel = EXIFR::JPEG.new(path).exif.model
    picWidth = EXIFR::JPEG.new(path).width
    picHeight = EXIFR::JPEG.new(path).height
    picDateTaken = EXIFR::JPEG.new(path).date_time_original
      ^^^error point

    mysqlDate = DateTime.parse("#{picDateTaken}")
    picShutterSpeed = EXIFR::JPEG.new(path).exposure_time
    picAperture = EXIFR::JPEG.new(path).fnumber #returns a fraction as
      aperture = picAperture.to_f
    focalLength = EXIFR::JPEG.new(path).focal_length
    num+= 1

# => PRINT
    puts "added picture: #{pathName} total pics:#{num}"

db.query("INSERT INTO JPGS (name, path, size, model, width, height,
timeStamp, shutterSpeed, aperture, focalLength)
  VALUES ('#{baseName}', '#{pathName}', '#{fileSize}', '#{cameraModel}',
'#{picWidth}', '#{picHeight}', '#{mysqlDate}', '#{picShutterSpeed}',
'#{aperture}','#{focalLength}') ")


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rescue ArgumentError



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