Gem Mirror Yaml file

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to build a local gem mirror following this tutorial :

I do not succeed building the index (gem generate_index) (lake of
virtual memory)

I have some questions :

Is the building of the index mandatory for creating a gem mirror?

When I try to add newly created local mirror to my gem env I've got an

gem source -a

something like "gem is trying to get specs.4.8.gz, but this file doesn't

I've tryed to download this file from
and then, put it on my server, but then, it's failling on a missing
"yaml" file.

What is the "specs.4.8.gz" and "yaml" files?

Another question : what is the Marshal.4.8 file on the root of the gem


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gem help generate_index

Sorry :slight_smile:


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