FXRuby addInput on telnet connection

(Thomas Morgan) #1

In the program I'm working on, I'd like to use
addInput to set up a method that will be activated
when there's data available to be read on the socket.

Since I wasn't sure which mode to use, I started with
this, to test both...

(conn being the open telnet connection)

@app.addInput(conn.sock, INPUT_READ) {
      puts "read"
@app.addInput(conn.sock, INPUT_WRITE) {
      puts "write"

... And, as it turned out, neither would react when
the connection received data.

I assumed that since addInput didn't cause it to crash
(as it did when I used "conn" instead of "conn.sock")
that this can work with sockets, but I would have
expected one of those to get a response in that case.

Am I just doing something wrong, or do I need to use
some other command to accomplish this?



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