FeedTools problem

Hi all,

I'm trying to build an rss xml file from a set of data and all I'm getting back is the raw text, instead of the expected xml. The tutorial is fairly slim and only really explains reading rather than generating feeds, so I'm stuck with the API and that suggests that the method I want is build_xml, but as I metioned previously all I'm getting is the text, code follows:

# setting up the "feed" inside RssController
  def activities
    activities = get_activities
    @feed = FeedTools::Feed.new
    @feed.title = "Activities"
    @feed.author = "Cogini"
    @feed.copyright = "Cogini 2005-2006"
    @feed.time = Time.new
    activities.each do |a|
      @feed.content = activity_link(a)

# view inside activities.rxml
@feed.build_xml("rss", 0.0, activities)

This is all being run inside Rails, I'm going to experiment in irb to try and get anything working at all, but any help on this would be appreciated