Etc win32utils is case sensitive

Hi Win32 Team,

1. The getpwnam is case sensitive. This is windows, so it should _not_.

2. Also, the msg error says ": can't find user for patchlink". Shouldn't
that be ":can't find user patchlink for host bgpatch"?

thanks and kind regards -botp

irb(main):005:0> p Etc.getpwnam("patchlink","bgpatch")
ArgumentError: can't find user for patchlink
        from (irb):5:in `getpwnam'
        from (irb):5
irb(main):006:0> p Etc.getpwnam("PatchLink","bgpatch")
#<struct Struct::Passwd name="PatchLink", uid=1003, comment="Patchlink Agent
User", usr_comment="", fu
ame="PatchLink", priv="admin", auth_flags=[], password_age=12331032,
home_dir="", parms="", last_logon
6384943, last_logoff=0, bad_pw_count=0, num_logons=6718,
logon_server="\\\\*", country_code=0, worksta
s="", max_storage=4294967295, code_page=0>
=> nil