Error while installing the Cucumber

Could you please help with this can anybody tell me why it is happening
and what i have to make it right .

I am able to use the cucumber 0.6.4 version which works fine though
other versions give me problem .

Error report is : -

D:\workspace\Cucumber tests\Related>gem install cucumber
Temporarily enhancing PATH to include DevKit...
Building native extensions. This could take a while...
The system cannot find the path specified.
The system cannot find the path specified.
ERROR: Error installing cucumber:
        ERROR: Failed to build gem native extension.

        C:/Ruby192/bin/ruby.exe extconf.rb
checking for re.h... no
checking for ruby/st.h... yes
creating Makefile

Gem files will remain installed in
3 for inspection.
Results logged to


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For the record, this has been answered and solved through RubyInstaller

And using the RubyInstaller troubleshooting page:


Luis Lavena

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