Eric Luo has invited you to try Google Talk

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I've been using Google Talk and thought you might like to try it out.
We can use it to call each other for free over the internet. Here's an
invitation to download Google Talk. Give it a try!



Eric Luo has invited you to sign up for Google Talk so you can
talk to each other for free over your computers. Signing up also gives
you Gmail, a free Google email account with over 2,000 megabytes
of storage.

To accept this invitation and get Google Talk and Gmail, visit:

If you already have a Gmail account, please visit:

Google Talk is a downloadable Windows application that lets you send
instant messages to your friends and make free phone calls over an
internet connection. Google Talk offers excellent voice quality and
works with any computer speaker and microphone.

Gmail is Google's free email service, offering lots of free storage,
powerful spam protection, built-in search for finding your messages,
and a helpful way of organizing email into "conversations." And there
are no pop-up ads or untargeted banners - just text ads and related
information that are relevant to the content of your messages.

Once you sign up, we'll notify Eric Luo of your new Gmail address
and add you to each others' Friends lists so you can start talking
right away.

Gmail and Google Talk are still in beta. We're working hard to add
new features and make improvements, so we might also ask for your
comments and suggestions periodically. We appreciate your help in
making our products even better!


The Gmail and Google Talk Teams

To learn more about Gmail and Google Talk, visit:

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