Distribution of a Module

Hi all,

I'm new to Ruby and have created a few wrapper modules that help with
the way that my colleagues and I interact with the Mysql class and I'd
like to distribute it to them in a logical manner.

Rather than just give them the module.rb file, I'd like to put it into a
path on their machine that allows them to just "require 'module.rb'"

I've tried just dumping the file in a few of the $: directories
specified but when I try to "require" the file, it simply does not work.

Am I doing something incorrectly as the Ruby documentation says that if
the file is within one of the search paths, Ruby will be able to find

The file name is called "dao.rb". The module works if the dao.rb file is
in the same directory as the program that they're using but fails when I
move it to a search path directory.

Any help would be most appreciated.

Bradley q:)


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